Our Story

Autopia was founded on a love of cars.

A desire to own the ideal automobile drove Jeffrey Morton into the depths of the Australian taxation system.

With a background in banking, and already working in the salary packaging industry, Jeff was ideally placed to navigate the rules and regulations, investigating how to maximise the tax savings available through novated leasing.

It wasn’t easy, but he figured it out.

In order to optimise the benefits, Jeff discovered that a uniquely consultative process was in order, with vehicle, finance and tax expertise required to squeeze every last dollar out of the ATO.

At the time, the only organisations offering novated leasing services were fleet management companies and salary packaging administrators. These organisations became successful by applying a one-size-fits-all approach. Fine for running a fleet of 100 or so identical vehicles, not so good for the individual needs of employees looking for a novated lease.

Autopia was created to fill this gap in capabilities, to enable virtually everyone to drive their ideal car. We also uncovered a little known business benefit - as more employees novated their cars, the company they worked for was becoming more profitable.

Today, all Autopia team members possess this unusual combination of vehicle, finance and tax skills, and it’s this intelligent approach to car ownership that enables Autopia to deliver tax savings where no other salary packaging company can.


Autopia staff have excellent vehicle knowledge, and are prepared to provide advi ...

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