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Autopia | Greenfleet Breakfast Seminar

Author: Barry Scott / Published Date: 24 May 2012

Categories: Events, Novated Leasing, Consultancy

- How to avoid the biggest FBT bill in history?
- How Carbon Trading is going to affect your business?

Autopia is in a unique position.

Our decisions after the Federal Budget last year have enabled us to report on the full effects of the FBT changes, three years ahead of anyone else.

There are some real surprises, and we’ll be revealing the results at breakfast seminars in Sydney on the 1st June, and Melbourne on the 7th June.

  • Find out how to avoid the biggest FBT bill in history
  • How to protect your organisation from non-compliance, and why luxury leases are on the rise
  • Why novated leasing has to be part of EBA negotiations
  • How a quantum change in driving behaviour is affecting employees' paypackets and your bottom line
  • How to adjust your vehicle policy to benefit your employees and reduce payroll tax



And fresh from their Government advisory position, Greenfleet will bring you up to date with the impending Carbon Trading scheme.

  • How the Carbon pricing mechanism is going to work, and how it will affect your business
  • How to prepare for a Carbon Trading future

For more details and to book your spot for Sydney click here
For more details and to book your spot for Melbourne click here

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Remuneration & Reward, yet again!

Author: Barry Scott / Published Date: 18 May 2012

Categories: Events, Novated Leasing, Consultancy

For a company that specialises in novated leases and car salary packaging, the end of the FBT year is always a little intense.

Especially the first year after the FBT changes in last year’s Federal Budget.

We managed to pull the results together in time for the Remuneration and Reward Conference 2012 however, and Greg Parkes presented to an audience of over 100 Remuneration & Reward professionals in Sydney last week.

The data unveiled some unexpected results, and if you’d like to know how the changes will affect your employee benefits, your payroll tax, your company car FBT bill, and your bottom line, stay tuned…

…we’ll be hosting a breakfast seminar in the coming weeks, revealing 12 months of data to those in attendance.

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A car that drives itself. Finally!

Author: Barry Scott / Published Date: 10 May 2012

Categories: Just Love Cars™

About a month after this video was filmed, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles approved Google’s application for a license for their self-driving smart car project.


Driverless CarNow. Where’s my flying car?

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CarReview: Hyundai Veloster

Author: Matt Parker / Published Date: 8 May 2012

Categories: Just Love Cars™

Matt ParkerMake & model: Hyundai Veloster Base
Cost: $23,990 (this version)
Value for money:

How fun to drive:

Reviewed by: Matt Parker


"So it’s got three doors, two on this side and one on the other?" This is the toughest thing I've had to explain about a car in my life.

Once you cover the practicality aspects and the fact that the rear passenger door is hidden anyway, people seem to get it. I've read a lot of reviews on the Veloster, both before my first drive and since, and I think a lot of them really miss the point.

The three door thing sums it up. It’s not a sports car coupe, it won't win any traffic light grands prix. And it’s not a hatchback either, it’s way too cool to be a vanilla hatchback. It fulfills that space between the two, for the kind of person who just can't commit to one or the other. That person exists in the marketplace. That person is me.

Now before I go any further I need to admit something. I like this car. A Lot. So much so that I bought one.

I've got a young family so a sports coupe wasn't going to work. Have you ever tried to manouever a 65cm long 7 kilo infant into a baby seat in a two door coupe? You'll understand me then. I've done hatchbacks. My last six cars have been hatchbacks. I needed a change, and this is it.

I'm the kind of guy who wants something to look good, be well fitted out, and I don't have the time or inclination to mess around with modifications -  see above comment about the young child..

The Veloster comes in 2 variants. The standard "Veloster" and "Veloster Plus". The "Turbo" will be out later this year.


I'll tell you one thing, you certainly won't miss this car in a parking lot, or be missed driving it. It looks fantastic. In my first fortnight behind the wheel it stopped more pedestrians, cyclists and traffic than any other car I’ve driven in my life.

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