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AppReview: Cheap Parking

Author: Matt Parker / Published Date: 7 September 2011

Categories: Just Love Cars™

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Name: Cheap Parking
Ease of use:

Reviewed by: Matt Parker

What's it supposed to do?
Based on your GPS signals, this app will tell you what public parking options are nearby, and how much it costs to park there.

Does it deliver?
Yes it does. You can select to search for the cheapest nearby parking, or the closest if cost is not a concern. I found quite a few car parking locations near Sydney Airport not listed though, which suggests the database could use updating.

Does it do anything else?
The app can take into account requirements such as having a car wash while you park, or valet facilities if you're in a real hurry. It also allows you to email the car park details to a friend or colleague, who may be travelling to an event with you. Can be used in AU, NZ & Singapore. You can also enter a location that you're going to, and figure out the cheap parking before you get there.

A handy little app that while you might not use every day, will definitely earn its keep on your phone.

Download 'Cheap Parking' here


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