Five-step lifecycle model

The lifecycle of car ownership involves much more than just the actual purchase. We’ve broken it down into five steps that cover the costs of getting you into the car, running the car and getting you out of the car.

In the end you’ll end up with more money in your pocket, or we can help you get into something better. It’s your choice.

Five-Step Lifecycle Model

  1. Vehicle, finance and tax strategy

    This is the most important step of all. It’s also the part we enjoy the most. We get to talk cars, and figure out how much more disposable income you’re going to have every year. We’ll help you decide on what car best suits your needs, and we’ll look at the ongoing costs using our proprietary Total-Lifetime-Cost™ system. This helps you assess the real cost of financing and running the car, as opposed to just looking at the purchase price.  Once you’ve made an informed vehicle decision, we’ll look at the finance, and devise the best tax strategy for your particular circumstances. As your Novated Leasing Consultant takes you through your initial consultation, you’ll be able to access a quote live onscreen through our secure online portal.
  2. The deal

    Unless you’re keeping your existing vehicle, this is where we source your car. We’ll deal with the dealers and negotiate on your behalf. Our purchasing power generally ensures that we’ll receive a better price than you’d be able to achieve on your own. No more traipsing around showrooms talking to salesmen on your weekends. All you have to do is turn up for the test drive. Easy.
  3. Payment and delivery

    Deal done, we’ll now organise the funds and pay for the vehicle. Just let us know if you’d like to pick it up yourself, or have it delivered to your workplace.
  4. Management

    All administration and paperwork is taken off your hands, leaving you to enjoy your new car. You’re covered by our low flat-rate insurance policy, roadside assistance and accident management program, so there’s total peace-of-mind. Servicing and tyres are discounted to our low fleet rates, you’ll receive a fuel card, and a monthly report keeping you up to date with it all. You receive all the tax benefits upfront, and you’ll never have to put your hand in your pocket for anything vehicle related.
  5. Disposal

    At the end of the lease, we’ll help you decide whether to replace or refinance your car. Depending on what car you’re driving, you may be able to buy out the lease and sell it for a profit, tax free.

Your Novated Leasing Consultant is with you from the beginning to the end of
the process, and is the key to success in making your novated lease as profitable
as possible.

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