Although it sounds counter-intuitive, the initial cost of buying a car is not the actual cost of the car.

Total-Lifetime-Cost™ is our proprietary system of ensuring that you have all the facts available before making a decision on which car to purchase - consider it due diligence before making an investment.

  1. The cost of getting into the car

    The actual purchase price and on road cost is only part of the picture.

  2. The cost of running the car

    This is what you have to pay every year to keep the car on the road, and covers items such as insurance and finance payments, servicing, general maintenance, tyres and petrol. Some cars are more expensive to run than others, and when this is taken into consideration a higher purchase price up-front, may end up saving you money in the long run.

  3. The cost of getting out of the car

    What’s the car going to be worth at the end of the lease, and are you going to make money, or lose money when you sell it?

We help you examine all of these costs in detail, and we’ll also look at the opportunity cost, an aspect of ownership that's almost always overlooked . What else could you be doing with the money if it wasn’t tied up in a car? What about putting it into your mortgage?

This analysis allows us to determine a number of variables all aimed at making your novated lease as profitable as possible. What's the optimum term for your finance for example, what's the best tax strategy to use, and should you be buying a new or used car?

Again, your Novated Leasing Consultant will take you through all of this, and help you come to the most informed vehicle decision you’ve ever made.

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