What's included

Our Driver AutoPackage allows you to salary sacrifice the following car related expenses:

  • finance
  • insurance
  • fuel
  • servicing
  • tyres
  • general maintenance
  • roadside assistance
  • accident management

All of this is set up at the beginning of your relationship with Autopia. Together we’ll forecast the running costs of your car, and spread them equally over the length of the lease.

Your employer pays for all of this on your behalf, enabling your tax savings, and you’ll receive a monthly report keeping you up to date with it all.

You’ll receive a fuel card, allowing you to fill up at over 6,500 petrol stations across
the country.

You’ll also benefit from Autopia fleet discounts on purchase, servicing, tyres,
general maintenance and insurance, in addition to avoiding GST on all of these items.

Click here to find out why only Autopia can deliver the greatest tax savings legally possible.

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