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As an employee choosing to novate your car with Autopia, you’re gaining access to the most advanced, most intelligent approach to car ownership around.

You might have noticed that we don’t have an online ‘novated lease calculator’,
like everybody else does. That’s because we don’t do things like everyone else.

Instead of just punching in some numbers, and applying a pre-set series of formulae, we’ve taken a radical approach to salary packaging cars - we use people.

We ask questions, we discuss your options, and then we deliver the greatest tax savings legally available in Australia.

Our Novated Leasing Consultants are experts in the tax legislation surrounding
novated leases. But more than that, they’re all car enthusiasts too, and they’ll provide assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle. We call it our Five-step lifecycle-model.

They can offer advice on the best car for your particular needs, taking into account not only what you need from your car now, but also what you can do with it at the end of the lease, and most importantly, how much it will be worth at the end of the term.

We’re the only company in the industry doing this, and we’ve developed a proprietary system called Total-Lifetime-Cost™, which helps you compare the different financial outcomes of leasing say a Holden Commodore, or a Subaru Liberty.

Finally, in addition to salary packaging the finance costs of the car, Autopia enable you to pay for your petrol, insurance, servicing and all the other costs of running a vehicle, tax free too. Just click here to see exactly what’s included.

The whole deal is called our Driver AutoPackage, and it’s unique to Autopia.

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