An effective car salary packaging program

An effectively managed car salary packaging program should deliver high employee take-up-rates, which leads to a decrease in the organisation's payroll tax and workers' compensation premium.

With the average Autopian driver benefiting by over $10,000* a year in the form of
a gross pay rise (at no cost to the business) your program should also be delivering a workforce full of happy employees.

We measure the effectiveness of our programs by monitoring take-up-rates, and
find that we can significantly increase these levels within an organisation, even if
the benefit of salary packaging a car has been in place for years.

We do this in a number of ways:

  1. By educating your employees and clearly communicating the inherent value
    of a novated lease.
  2. By increasing the number of employees who can actually access the benefit.

And because we do this day in, day out, we’ve developed systems that make the whole process easy, taking care of all the complicated administration work, allowing you to get on with running the business.

Increasing retention levels

As you can see, the benefits of this kind of increase in take-up-rates are considerable, click here to find out more, and discover why only Autopia can deliver greater profitability for your business.

*gross pay rise based on FBT1112 - $10,065.16

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