Corporate AutoPackage

Autopia’s Corporate AutoPackage is a comprehensive outsourced solution that incorporates everything an organisation needs to run
a successful vehicle salary packaging program.

Because our business was built on novated leasing, we developed systems and processes that are unique in the industry. What we’ve provided below is just a brief insight into the most intelligent approach to salary packaging around. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call.

Corporate AutoPackage Model

  1. Policy development

    Before introducing the benefit of salary packaging to your employees, we first discuss the vehicle requirements of the business as a whole. Together we’ll address how novated can work in conjunction with TOT vehicles, car allowances, or any other specific vehicle requirements.
  2. Establishment

    You’ll be assigned an account manager who’ll stay in close contact throughout. We’ll sync our internal systems with your payroll, we’ll address protocol for contact with your employees, and finally we’ll decide upon a suitable launch date for the program.
  3. Launch

    After communicating the benefits of a novated lease to your employees, we’ll run a series of on-site Autopia run information sessions, where our Driver AutoPackage will be introduced and the benefit is fully launched. After these sessions, your account manager will take interested parties through their initial face-to-face consultation, followed up by one of our Novated Leasing Consultants. We’ll run sessions and consultations as long as there is demand. We can also develop custom materials for your intranet, and all of your employee’s salary packaging questions are now directed to Autopia.
  4. Management

    All of our ongoing account management systems have been developed to make your life easier, and to ensure that your salary packaging program is running as effectively as possible. Our hands on management approach ensures that we’ll alert you whenever there is cause for concern, or when we see an opportunity to increase the take-up-rates even more.
           Benefit optimisation

           We monitor the effectiveness and penetration of the benefit, enabling us
           to advise on strategies to increase take-up-rates.

           Customer satisfaction reports
           Feedback from your employees regarding their experiences having
           joined the Driver AutoPackage program.
           Monthly vehicle management

           We stay on top of all active vehicles, tracking FBT and kilometres,
           keeping you up to date with your fleet of novated cars. Our processes
           have been set up to deal specifically with novated leases, that’s why
           we guarantee timeliness of payroll advices, we systematically
           monitor FBT trending and have a comprehensive FBT year
           end process, and our turnaround time on employee
           terminations are better than best practice.

  5. Vehicle terminations

    Our fast and efficient vehicle termination process is activated when we’re informed that an employee is about to leave your business. This ensures that FBT and cashflow is fully reconciled before the employee leaves.

Throughout all of this, your account manager is with you every step of the way,
from the initial discussions on vehicle benefits policy, to managing and optimising
your packaging program, and dealing with vehicle terminations as employees leave the business.

Before accessing our Corporate AutoPackage, most new clients generally go through our Total-Annual-Value™ process.

This is where we put an actual figure to the amount of money your organisation will be able to save every year, by introducing Autopia to your employees.

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