Why Autopia is different from your current provider

Almost every single fleet manager or salary packaging company has included their novated leasing service as an add-on to their core business - your provider included no doubt.

At Autopia, however, our business was built on novated leasing.

That’s why we’re better at it than anyone else. We’ve developed proprietary systems that assess every driver on an individual basis, exploring every opportunity, deriving the maximum benefit possible for both employer and employee alike.

Car Salary Packaging Industry Overview

If you’re dealing with a fleet manager or salary packaging administrator at the moment, we’re willing to bet you’ve experienced some, or all of the following issues:

  • phone calls not returned
  • on hold so long you forget who it is you’re calling
  • lack of consistency and confidence in account management
  • late and inaccurate payroll advices
  • unexplainable double billing
  • sporadic budget reconciliations
  • high FBT cost due to poor FBT year end management
  • drawn out and costly termination process
  • poor advice to employees with adverse financial results
  • poor logistical and vehicle servicing support

Need we go on? The combination of all of this, is a benefit package that just doesn’t work, resulting in poor employee take-up-rates.

Fleet managers are great if you need to run a fleet of 100 or so identical cars. Salary packaging administrators are fine if you want to package laptops, air-travel, mobile phones etc. However figuring out the intricacies of the tax system and offering a one-on-one consultative process for novated leases goes against the grain of how these organisations became successful in the first place.

So when you feel like they could be doing a better job on novated, you're right.

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Engagement, Retention and Profitability

This Report shows you how to demonstrate the direct link between engagement, novated leasing and profitability.

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