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We help companies of all sizes develop flexible and effective organisational vehicle policy.

Although salary packaging a car is the cheapest, most tax effective way of owning and running a vehicle, novated leasing alone doesn’t always fulfill the full vehicle requirements of every business.

Through our consultancy process, we address the needs of the organisation as a whole, and assess how and where novated leasing sits amongst the suite of vehicle ownership options available.

If salary packaging cars can benefit your organisation, together we’ll develop an all inclusive vehicle policy that not only minimises costs, but also allows flexibility and organisational growth.


We’ll begin this process by asking lots of questions, for example:

  • How many vehicles does the business operate at the moment?
  • What level of growth is expected?
  • What are the current vehicle ownership options?
  • How many employees need to use a car for work?
  • What type of vehicles are required?
  • How many kilometres do your employees drive annually?
  • What percentage of this is personal use?
  • Is there a car allowance in place?

We help you assess your existing vehicle policy and figure out where it’s working, where it’s falling down, and how it’s likely to perform in the coming years.


The process ends with our assessment of the current situation, and a recommendation of what vehicle policy best suits the needs of the business now, and in the future.

This will include details such as who should be eligible for a novated lease, and who should be eligible for a company car. If car allowances are to be allocated, how best to determine suitable dollar values, and how to administer them. Every company is unique, and we’ll ensure that everything is covered in our policy recommendation.

Click here to see how a mixture of ownership options can combine to make the perfect vehicle policy.

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