Why choose Autopia?

Because our business was built around novated leases and salary packaging cars, we figured out how to make the process easy, pain free, and extremely financially beneficial.

We've developed proprietary systems that assess every driver on an individual basis, exploring every opportunity, deriving the maximum benefit possible for both employer and employee alike.

In contrast, almost every single fleet manager or salary packaging company has added their novated leasing service as an add-on to their core business. Drivers
and organisations are all treated the same, and this one-size-fits-all approach
simply doesn’t work.

The business benefits of our intelligent approach to salary packaging are as follows:

Superior financial results
Less tax for the business and for employees.

Employees who salary package will experience an increase in their disposable income, and as more novate their cars, the organisation pays less tax.

And, with Autopia’s ability to introduce the benefit to more employees than any other company, you’ll experience an increase in take-up-rates, leading to the greatest tax savings possible.

Superior financial results

Happy employees

The benefits of a happy and contented workforce are immeasurable.
Last FBT year the average Autopia driver received the equivalent of a gross pay rise of over $10,000*. In addition to this, our unique one-on-one service has continuously proved to delight our customers.

Your employees will have direct line access to their own Novated Leasing Consultant who partners with them throughout the entire lifecycle of the car, from sourcing and negotiating with dealers, all the way through to advice on disposal at the end of the lease. We also benchmark employee satisfaction levels, reporting on a bi-annual basis, so you know we’re delivering on our promise.

Happy employees

Easy process

Delivering the most valuable commodity of all – time.
When we talk to organisations running this benefit in-house, we invariably find that they’re on the verge of packing it in all together. It can be an extremely time consuming process and is often seen as more hassle than it’s worth.

Again, because our business was built on novated leasing, we’re extremely good at it. We make the whole process easy, taking the majority of the work off your hands, freeing up time for your finance and payroll departments to get back to other profitable tasks.

Easy process

But don’t just take our word for it, click here to see what some of our clients
have to say. Click here to see how it all works.

Or, just give us a call and find out for yourself.

*gross pay rise based on FBT1112 - $10,065.16


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