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Salary packaging is complex, the rules and regulations are convoluted, and keeping up with the ever changing landscape
of Australian tax legislation is a job in itself, never mind:

  • the weeks of productivity lost to FBT returns
  • the constant chasing of odometer readings
  • tracking and managing kilometres travelled
  • the numerous separate suppliers in regards to vehicle servicing,
    insurance, petrol etc
  • haranguing employees for their statutory declarations
  • reconciling corporate credit cards, and reimbursing expenses

At Autopia, we take care of all of this for you, at no cost to the business.
By outsourcing this time consuming and complicated process to the experts
you’ll experience:

More time to concentrate on other profitable business tasks.
We manage the majority of the administration work involved, providing your payroll and finance departments with everything they need to run a successful salary packaging program, with minimum effort and absolute simplicity.

Each one of your employees will have their very own Novated Leasing Consultant so the never ending barrage of questions that you previously had to field on the subject, will now be directed to us.

Increased profitability due to greater tax savings, for employee and employer.
With our help, your business will also experience a reduction in payroll tax and workers' compensation premium. This is a by product of increasing take-up-rates within an organisation.

So while we’re saving your employees thousands every year on their vehicle expenses, we’re increasing your profitability too.

And, as our business was built on novated leasing, we can deliver tax savings to more employees than any other salary packaging company.

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This Report shows you how to demonstrate the direct link between engagement, novated leasing and profitability.

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