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We couldn’t devise the most intelligent approach to car ownership without a great team.

A bit about me...

It was a dark and still evening and I was a spotty faced teenager when my brother took me for a drive one night in his Alfa Romeo GTV6. The sound of that car howling through countryside was truly amazing and I think it was from that point forward that my passion for cars began. My first car was given to me by my brother for Christmas and it was a 1974 VW Type 3, it was a lovely baby poo brown. In this ancient VW I discovered the joys of driving, just for the sake of driving, in the many national parks around Sydney.

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Greg Parkes

Executive General Manager

When I’m not in the office, I love travelling and getting amongst the great outdoors. My wife and I have hiked on virtually every...

Kit Lakin

Head of Consumer Engagement

I was born in the USA however I obtained frequent flyer status before I was 10, flying between the US and Australia. I...

Matt Wicks

Analyst Programmer

I’m originally from Canada but grew up in both Hong Kong and Melbourne, thanks to the international paths of my parents’ careers. After...

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