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Achieving Gender Diversity and
Workplace Flexibility

Our journey so far…

Our journey to Gender Diversity and Flexibility in the workplace

At Autopia, we try to do more than just make money, and we regard changing the world as one of our goals. That’s why for some years now, we have been promoting gender diversity and workplace flexibility, both within our organisation as well as in our business community.

In this section, you will find videos revealing our own journey to driving gender diversity and workplace flexibility, as well as our event videos that we have developed in partnership with organisations such as UN Women National Committe Australia.

Our journey to diversity – The full picture

This 8-minute video showcases Autopia’s journey to achieving diversity, the lessons we have learned, the milestones so far, and last but not least our people, who have helped us not to just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Achieving workplace flexibility – Our approach, our milestones, our people

Watch how Autopia made flexibility work, and how it has benefitted the business and our people.

“We regard our goals as being able to change the world,
and we see that as essential to us, we hold ourselves accountable to it
and we have failed if we don’t”

David Wakeley – CEO Autopia

Case Study

“A Flexible Work Story” demonstrates how Autopia made flexibility work and the benefits that came along with it. Benefits which included transforming our business – in less than five years- from an all-male organisation to one, with over 40% female representation.

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Did you know we have developed a series of whitepapers on gender diversity in conjunction with UN Women National Committee Australia?

Autopia Diversity Events

In 2014, we partnered with UN Women National Committee Australia to raise awareness about gender inequality and help drive gender diversity in the workplace. In this section, you will find inspiring videos from some of our joint events giving you an excellent overview of the state of gender diversity in Australia today.

Air Commodore Alan Clements – A true male champion of change

Air Commodore Alan Clements, Commandant Australian Defence Force Academy reveals the moment he discovered there was a problem in our society with gender inequality.

Absolute proof of unconscious bias

In this extract from the Executive Roundtable ‘Where is the merit in the Gender Diversity Debate’ Julie McKay (UN Women Australia Executive Director) presents irrefutable evidence of the existence of unconscious bias in society today.

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