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Over $58k raised towards UN Women Australia EOFY Syria Appeal

Between the 23rd and 30th of June, Autopia supported UN Women Australia’s EOFY Syria Appeal, by matching all donations up to $12,500.

We are very pleased to announce that with your support, the Appeal raised over $58,500, which will increase the number of jobs and vocational training spots available for Syrian women refugees. In turn, giving Syrian women and girl refugees safety, increased decision making and well-being.

There is still more work to be done…

Since the start of the conflict in 2011, nearly five million people have fled Syria, most of them women and children, with nearly 80,000 of them, finding shelter in Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp.

Since 2012, UN Women’s Oasis centres inside the Za’atari refugee camp, have employed women through cash-for-work programs, empowered them to participate in vocational and skills training in areas such as computing and English, and allowing them to earn their own livelihood and provide for their families.

To date, the work of UN Women’s Oasis Centres has resulted in

  • A 20% reduction in domestic violence among program participants,
  •  91% of participants have reported an increase in household and community decision-making as a result of the cash-for-work programs, and
  • 96% of participants have emphasised the positive impact the Oasis Centre services have had on their mental wellbeing.

You can help

You can still support the UN Women Syria Appeal and ensure women and girl refugees get the much-needed protection, education and the opportunity to support their families.

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Posted by Autopia Team

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