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At Autopia, we do more than just making money, we regard changing the world as one of our goals. That’s why for some years now, we have been promoting cultural and gender diversity, both within our organisation as well as in our business community.

Although achieving diversity has been a major goal of our organisational culture for many years – one that we encourage from the recruitment phase all the way to leadership succession planning-, we recently realised that we didn’t have a clear -quantifiable- picture of how diverse our staff really is.

Yes, we knew we had increased female representation across the business, we knew we have gender, cultural as well as thought diversity within our teams, but we were missing the ‘cold data’.

So, a few weeks ago, we decided to survey our staff and compare the results with data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Diversity Council of Australia, and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. The infographic below, “Autopia celebrates diversity” summarises our findings.


Download Infograph HERE

Posted by The Autopia Team

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