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Coalition wins election, no change to novated leasing

On Saturday 2nd July 2016, Australians took to the polling booths to decide which party would lead their country for the next three years. It was close. Too close to call initially.

However eight days later, on Sunday 10th July, the opposition leader Bill Shorten conceded defeat, talked of “common ground” in the future, and made a conciliatory comment toward the victor.

“One thing which unites Mr Turnbull and I is our love of Australia and our huge respect for our democracy. Therefore I want to thank the Australian people. When we look at the world around us, it is fantastic that the Australian people can settle their political disagreements in thousands of school halls over sausage sizzles voting in ballot boxes. It is the way that it should be.”

Malcolm Turnbull welcomed Bill Shorten’s comments about finding “common ground” to advance the interests of the country.

“These challenges are not easy, there’s no simple solution, but that’s why they need our best minds, our best brains, above all our best goodwill in our new parliament to deliver that. It’s vital that this parliament works — it is vital that we work together and as far as we can try to find ways upon which we can all agree.”

Malcolm Turnbull and the Coaltion have won the election, and the implications for novated leasing and the car salary packaging industry, are none.

Posted by Autopia Team

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