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How are the budgets and running costs calculated?

We know what car you’re buying, so we know how much it costs and what your finance payments are going to be over the term of your lease. So that’s easy. Insurance is next, and that’s easy too.

Then comes the slightly more complicated part. We determine how many kilometres you’re likely to drive every year, and from the type of car that you’re buying we can figure out:

  • how much fuel you’ll need
when you’ll need to get it serviced
when you’ll need a new set of tyres
  • and of course, how much all of that is going to cost.

Finally, because we do this all the time we know how much to allow for those ‘unexpected costs’ that pop up now and again. Funnily enough there are some cars (and some people too!) where those unexpected costs seem to happen more frequently than others.

And that’s it. We know how much it will cost to run your car over the term of the lease, say three years – then we divide the total cost into 36 equal payments and hey presto, you’re done.

Posted by The Autopia Team

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