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What steps are involved in getting a novated lease?

1. Phone consultation. This is where you talk to one of our consultants and figure out what car you’d like, what your running costs will be and what’s the best way to arrange the lease.

2. Approval. Once you’ve decided to go ahead (you don’t even need to know 
which car you want just yet) we send off your details for finance approval.

At the same time we contact your employer for approval, and if they already 
have an arrangement with Autopia then it’s no problem. If they don’t, then we have to set that up first.

3. Tender process. You know what car you want now, and we’ve received the finance and employer approval, so we’ll go through the tender process to get the best price on your car. We request pricing from numerous channels, which results in a competitive bid for your vehicle purchase.

4. Car availability. If the car is in stock then the dealership will send us a tax invoice immediately. We’ll contact you to complete the finance documents and submit them to settle the car. If the car is not in stock then we’ll have to wait until it arrives, so it may take a bit longer.

5. Settlement. Once the finance has settled the car’s all yours.

And that’s it, five steps to getting your new car in the most tax-effective way possible.


Posted by The Autopia Team

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