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What happens if I retire?

If this is a planned event, which you might imagine it would be, we might be able to set your lease up to end just as that final pay check hits your bank account.

You can then pay off the residual (amount left owing to the finance company) and keep the car for as long as you like. Or you might choose to pay it off and sell it, pocketing any profit made, tax free.

If retirement is on the horizon we would certainly take this into consideration when advising on which car might suit your needs the best. Some cars for example, have pretty low ongoing running costs, whilst others might become more and more expensive to maintain as time goes by. Although it might not be a problem while there’s a reliable income stream, when a regular salary stops – you don’t really want to be hit with $4,000 for a major service.

Posted by The Autopia Team

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