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What is a novated lease?

A novated lease, in the majority of cases, is the cheapest way of owning a car.

1. You lease a car of your choice (no km targets or business use required)

2. Your employer pays for all the running costs on your behalf (finance payments, insurance, petrol, maintenance and servicing etc…)

3. Your employer recovers the money from your salary (as much as possible pre-tax) so your income tax reduces, and because they’re GST registered, you save on that too.

Additionally, with a specialist novated leasing company taking care of all of this for you, you receive discounts on the purchase price of the car, servicing, repairs, tyres, windscreens, and welcome relief from the hassles of having to negotiate with car salesmen and insurance companies.

The whole process saves you thousands every year, and allows you to plan your finances with more certainty as the previously variable costs of vehicle ownership, become a set-monthly cost.

Posted by The Autopia Team

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