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Formula 1 Insights Lunch

Thanks to everyone who attended our Formula 1 lunch last week in conjunction with The Tax Institute.

And thanks particularly to the former Red Bull Racing Head of Operations, Richard Hopkins, for giving us all such a vivid insight into the inner workings of a Formula 1 team – competing in what’s often referred to as the ‘greatest show on earth’.

Richard discussed how organisations can stay ahead of the curve, in an environment of constantly changing regulations and disruptive technology. He touched on the funding crisis F1 faced when tobacco sponsorship stopped.

And finally, he explained how he transformed an underdog, into a world champion that took on the like of Mercedes and Ferrari, and beat them on a continuous basis.

Lunch was supposed to go from 12 – 2, and we eventually had to leave at 3pm, so thanks
for everyone for coming along, for contributing, and for making it such a memorable event.

Did you know?
Manhole covers in Monaco have to be welded down to prevent them lifting as the cars pass.

And did you know this?
F1 engines can produce enough power to wheel spin at 160km/ph!

Posted by Autopia Team

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