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The Importance of being Flexible, Frank, Ernest and Archie.

What seems like a lifetime ago, although it’s only a matter of months, my life completely changed as we welcomed little Archie into the world. You’re never really prepared, and you can never really predict how you’ll feel about your first born child, or how much of an affect this little person will have on you.

Yet from the very first moment they arrive, they are everything. The single most important thing in the world, and nothing will ever be the same, ever again. And now, here I am back at work. Happy to be here, but still struggling with the fact that I feel as if I’ve left a part of me at home. It’s a little unsettling, but day by day, I’m getting more used to it.

I’m hardly the first woman to come back to work after having children, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be doing it in an era where flexible work is a possibility, in an organisation where flexible work isn’t only allowed, but is actually encouraged.

The importance of being Flexible

In fact without flexibility I would find it extremely difficult to do my job at all. We have no family here in Melbourne, and managing all of life’s ‘suddenly increased’ requirements, is a lot more complicated than it once was. I now work four days a week, and thank goodness for the internet!

The importance of being Frank

Because of the genuine support from the leadership team, I feel I can be completely honest and open about the increased demands on my life. I’m not rushing around trying to hide the fact that I’m a little bit more tired (well actually a lot more tired) than I used to be. It won’t last forever (or so I’m told!) but while I’m adjusting to this new way of life, I know that it’s ‘OK’. The executive team understands, and that makes a big difference.

The importance of being Ernest

The other reason it really works, is because I’m totally committed to making it work. There’s a certain element of trust involved for the business to allow me to ‘come and go’ on a more irregular basis. I understand that, I truly appreciate it, and I’m doing everything I can to ensure that trust is not abused, or misplaced.

In the end however, it comes down to results. The figures are there, or they’re not. It’s as simple as that. I’m good at my job. I know what I’m doing, and fortunately the company I work for is allowing me to create the conditions I need to succeed, and that’s going to benefit everyone.

Me, the business, and most importantly, little Archie.

Posted by Maree Dobbs

VIC State Manager Maree Dobbs has just returned from having her first child, and says she’s a little more tired than usual, but managing fine.

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