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Keeping flexibility simple

Starting late to skip the morning traffic. Leaving work early to go to a football match. Working from home so that you can get to a personal appointment. These little pleasures – often seen as luxuries – are just part of the everyday working week here at Autopia, a fully flexible workplace and DCC Working Ambassador.

And for a week in June, we made doubly sure flexibility wasn’t just a one-off. We took part in DCC’s Flexible Working Week, a campaign that aims to give employees a ‘safe’ week to discuss flexibility with their employer. So, during the week of 19th June 2017, our Executive General Manager Greg Parkes asked all the staff at Autopia to do ‘One Simple Thing’ – that is, the staff were tasked to find one way that they could work flexibly that would help them meet their outside-of-work commitments. Because at Autopia, we believe work and life should work around one another in a way that benefits both.


Here are some of the simple ways our staff enjoyed Flexible Working Week:

Justin, Consultant : Simple things can create a big impact.
Doing one simple, little thing turned into a big, life-changing thing for Justin. He took some time to join his partner at an appointment with their obstetrician, where they found out they are having a very healthy baby girl! For Justin, attending appointments is something that he can easily fit in to his work day. He has easy access to our online systems and can efficiently help clients whether he is in the office or at home.

Greg, Executive General Manager: Follow the leader’s example.
Greg is a big believer in leading by example. He regularly works in a flexible fashion, and during DCC’s Flexible Working Week, he made an extra point of sharing what he was up to: starting late to drop the kids off at school. Kit Lakin, also part of our executive management team, left early to spend some quality reading time with his daughter.

Jim and Michael, Key Account Managers: Flexibility for fitness.
Commitments come in all shapes and sizes, and whether it’s family, friends, hobbies or health and fitness, we encourage our team to prioritise what’s important to them. Jim started late so he could fit in a morning work-out, and Michael regularly leaves work early to coach junior rugby.

Team Autopia: Flexibility can be playful
There’s nothing like getting outside to get a fresh perspective on the job – and to have some fun. We’ve started a football team, and every Thursday lunchtime we have a rule: laptops down and football boots on.

At Autopia, flexibility is an ongoing conversation. We encourage our staff to regularly review their work/life balance and have conversations with their managers and team-members to ensure they are meeting their commitments inside and outside of work. As part of DCC’s Flexible Working Week, we made sure we shared all the ‘simple things’ that our staff did, to inspire others to do the same. The more we talk, the more one-off simple things turn into every-day things that make a big difference to our well-being.

What are some of the ways you work flexibly?

Posted by The Autopia Team

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