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Let’s get behind ‘Leave No Woman Behind’

Get behind ‘No Woman Left Behind’ with a $5 donation to buy a solar lantern to help women in times of crises, disaster, and conflict.


This International Women’s Day, UN Women launched the Leave No Woman Behind campaign. Not only does the campaign shed light on the disparity between men and women in conflict and crisis, it also provides much-needed light to women in crises, too. And at Autopia, we’re asking everyone to get behind the campaign.

Conflicts and crises fill all of us with horror and sadness, but what many people don’t know is that it’s often women who bear the brunt of these atrocities. In fact, women and children are 14 times more likely to be killed during a disaster than men.

Additionally, more than 70 per cent of women have experienced gender-based violence in crisis settings. Due to cramped conditions, minimal facilities and chaotic nature of refugee camps and similar scenarios, women and girls are often vulnerable to sexual violence after the sun goes down, when unspeakable horrors occur under the cover of darkness.

And when natural disasters strike, women and children live without electricity – and therefore without light for safety – for months.

International Women’s Day may have passed, but we’re committed to supporting UN Women all year round. Want to help? Simply text LIGHT to 0497 222 444 and donate $5 to purchase a solar lantern. For just $5, you’ll help one woman find her way safely through the darkness.


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Posted by The Autopia Team

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