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Re-thinking culture to achieve diversity and inclusion

Changing an organisation’s culture is a slow process, but one that is imperative for gender diversity to succeed. If we don’t address the way we think and act, if we are not prepared to recognise and eradicate our own unconscious bias, we will never achieve gender equality in the workplace or in our society for that matter.

There is no doubt that targets can, and should, be set to achieve gender-balanced teams, but to reap the real dividends of diversity, it is not enough to merely hire more women, they must be fully included.

Even though diversity and inclusion are firmly connected, achieving each of them requires different approaches from an organisational point of view.

While diversity is about human resourcing – onboarding and promoting a wide range of different individuals; inclusion is about making sure that those diverse individuals are all valued participants in the team.

In ‘Re-Thinking Culture‘, our third whitepaper produced in conjunction with UN Women National Committee Australia, we lay out a road map to diversity, hinging on a change in the organisational ‘culture’ to ensure not just diversity, but also inclusion.

Re-thinking Culture’, builds on the arguments presented in the previous two whitepapers of the ‘Re-Think: The Gender Diversity Series‘. The first one, ‘Re-thinking Merit’, which exposes the fact that Australian businesses are operating under the pretence of a false meritocracy that fails to treat men and women as equals. And the second whitepaper of the series, ‘Re-thinking Return’, which considers the risks businesses face if they fail to recognise diversity as a business opportunity.

Re-thinking Culture‘ calls for Australian businesses to take a ‘hands-on’ approach to achieving gender diversity. It considers the actions that need to be taken and thought processes that need to be examined to overcome unconscious bias; as well as the key changes in an organisation’s culture required to ensure that inclusion accompanies diversity.

Re-thinking Culture - Sneak PreviewAutopia and UN Women National Committee Australia will be releasing ‘Re-Thinking Culture: How to drive gender diversity in the workplace’ in a series of events at the end of this month. You can download a preview of the whitepaper by clicking here, or even better; you can join ‘RE-Think‘, Autopia’s Diversity, Inclusion and Work Flexibility newsletter, to be the first to receive a copy of this whitepaper and get immediate access to all our resources.

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Posted by The Autopia Team

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