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Road tripping? Read our safety tips first.

The sun is shining, your bags are packed and it’s time to hit the road. But before you close the boot and drop your dog off at your neighbours’ house for the holidays, be sure to read our pre-road-trip checklist first:

Have a road safety inspection before you go. Get the brakes, tyres and oil checked to make sure you don’t have any hiccups along the way. Carry a first aid kit, and have a good look at your spare tyre before you leave on your trip. Keep your roadside assistance number handy. If you’re with Autopia, just call 1800 288 674 and we’ll connect you straight through.

Make sure your car isn’t due for a service. If it is, keep in mind that many service providers book up fast in the lead up to the school holidays, so be sure to schedule in your appointment in advance.

Check your car seat. If you’re travelling with little ones, make sure your car seats are correctly installed. According to one source, 95% of car seats are incorrectly installed, so to be on the safe side, scoot to a professional installer, quick-smart.

Are we there yet? It’s quite possibly the world’s most annoying question – so to cut down on the number of times you get asked the question, set your GPS so you don’t get lost. It’s fun to explore, but exploring is even more fun when you know your way back.

Stop, Revive, Survive. Every two hours and whenever you’re feeling tired (whichever comes first), pull over for a rest. Having a good stretch, a refreshment or a short nap can help.

Pack treats. Stock up on your favourite goodies and healthy snacks to keep you going on the road. Make sure to stay hydrated and pack an esky with cool water. That way, when it’s time to rest, you can pull over at a nice picnic spot rather than the packed fuel-stops along the way.

Don’t forget the tunes. Make a road-trip worthy playlist (Daryl Braithwaite’s The Horses is a MUST) or download an app like Spotify to keep the fun coming. Or, if you like a podcast, download some of your favourites before you go for some uninterrupted listening time.

And above all, HAVE FUN – that’s what road trips are for!

Posted by The Autopia Team

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