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We’re starting the conversation, R U?

R U OK? Everyone has got what it takes to ask the question.

Anxiety and depression doesn’t stop when you step foot into the office. And with colleagues, managers and employees sitting side-by-side for eight hours a day – that’s about half of the hours the average adult spends awake each day – it’s absolutely critical that the workplace plays a key role in suicide prevention.

At Autopia, we think it’s really important to make a difference and create a healthy work environment, and that’s why we support R U OK? day. This Thursday, 14th September, we’ll be hosting a fundraising event for our staff. We’ll be coaching our staff on how to ask the R U OK? question, and donating all proceeds from the event to R U OK?. All staff will receive an R U OK? keep cup as a reminder to have regular, meaningful conversations about how they are feeling all year round.

Every year in Australia, 3,000 people commit suicide. That’s eight people taking their own lives per day – a staggering amount. Yet despite the frequency, many people feel uncomfortable about asking the question, ‘Are you ok?’

R U OK? has sought expert advice to create a simple four-step process to help people feel more confident asking the question. Everyone has got what it takes to ask, ‘Are you ok?’


Four ways to start the conversation:

1. Ask R U OK? Be relaxed, and mention specific things like ‘I’ve noticed that you seem really tired recently.’

2. Listen without judgement. Don’t interrupt or rush them, and take what they say seriously

3. Encourage action. Help them think of one or two things they could do to help their situation, and let them know you’re here to support them. If they’ve been feeling down for more than two weeks, encourage them to see a doctor or other professional.

4. Check in. Pop a reminder in your diary to check back in with them in a couple of weeks, or sooner if they are really struggling.


At Autopia, we believe that everyone has got what it takes to be mindful of suicide prevention. If a friend, colleague or family member is struggling, be sure to ask, ‘Are you ok?’

For more information about how to have the conversation, visit R U OK?

Posted by The Autopia Team

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