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Today was a good day for Gender Diversity

Almost a year ago Autopia started working on the issue of Gender Diversity with Julie McKay, Executive Director of UN Women Australia. Our role in the partnership is to facilitate the exchange of ideas. And the ultimate result of that, we hope, is to make the world a better place.

Do we as a financial services company have the right to do that? Absolutely. Everyone has the right to do what they can, it’s just that not everybody does.

And making the world a better place? I know that sounds like a lofty goal, but I personally think – what’s the point in a goal if it isn’t aspirational? It’s just something on your to-do list otherwise.

We started with a lunch, where 20 Executives heard Julie McKay talk about the failure of the meritocracy, unconscious bias, an almost unbelievable fact about the percentage of CEOs over 6ft called Peter, and some shocking statistics about the inequality of pay in Australia, and throughout the world today.

I thought that kind of thing didn’t exist in this day and age. I was wrong.

Today we managed to put over 100 Senior Executives in a room with an incredibly talented panel of speakers to discuss the issue of Gender Diversity, and in particular, how to overcome it. There was universal agreement on the problem, not always agreement on the solution, but what was on display for sure, was the passion and determination to resolve the situation.

A lofty goal of changing the world? Yes, but I tell you, with the people in that room working hard towards it, I feel more hopeful today than I did yesterday, about the society we live in and the possibility of real change in the future.

How do you change the world? Same way you get through life. One day at a time. Today was a good day.

How do you change the world? One person at a time. And after what I’ve seen and heard in the last 12 months? I’m in. You’ve got me. Today was a good day.

Thanks to everyone who came along, and thanks to our inspirational panelists Julie McKay, Robert Wood, Dimity Hodge and Air Commander Alan Clements.

Posted by The Autopia Team

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