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What is FBT?

Fringe Benefits Tax. When an organisation provides its employees with a ‘non-financial’ benefit (for example a company car, or a novated lease) the...

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What is the FBT year?

The FBT year is an accounting period as set by the ATO, and it runs from the 1st April to the 31st March.

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Who is liable to pay FBT?

Your employer is ultimately liable for FBT, however they will generally reclaim the amount from your salary. This is standard practice.

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Do I have to pay FBT?

No. There are various tax strategies that eliminate FBT on a novated lease, the most common of these being the Employee Contribution Method....

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How do I avoid paying FBT?

By ensuring that your novated lease is managed properly. In many cases, the Employee Contribution Method will ensure that FBT simply doesn’t exist,...

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