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UN Women & Autopia: The Gender Diversity Debate

Senior HR professionals attended an intimate lunch with Julie McKay, Executive Director of UN Women Australia, and were challenged to consider whether their organisation is a meritocracy, or really just another case of merit existing only in the eyes of the beholder.

The session explored the nature of merit in business, and provided recommendations on how productivity can be maximised.

  • Who defines and bestows merit?
  • What happened to the level playing field?
  • What is the future of the meritocracy?
  • Do targets and quotas undermine merit?

UN Women & Autopia are co-producing a series of white paper documents throughout the program, and if you’re interested in receiving any of these click here.

If you would like to attend the next event click here, 
however please note there is limited availability.

Next Event

Wednesday 15th October 2014 – Melbourne
Where is the merit in the Gender Diversity Debate?
Julie McKay – Executive Director, UN Women Australia

Posted by The Autopia Team

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