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Car salary
packaging with Autopia

The most advanced, efficient, employee benefit program in existence.

Car salary packaging with Autopia

Autopia’s car salary packaging program, Corporate AutoPackage, is a comprehensive outsourced solution that delivers everything an organisation needs to run a successful employee benefits program. Developed to make the process incredibly easy for HR, payroll, finance & tax, this is how it works.

1. Choose the right combination of car finance options

First of all, we address the vehicle requirements of the organisation as a whole. Novated leasing may sit in conjunction with company owned or operating lease tool-of-trade vehicles for example. So together, we’ll develop a policy that minimises costs, allowing flexibility and organisational growth at the same time.

2. Forecast the financial benefit to the organisation

If it’s going to be relevant to your organisation, now we’ll take a snapshot of your existing novated leasing situation. Then we can forecast the reduction in payroll tax and workers’ compensation premiums, and the increase in employee savings. Finally you’ll receive a tailored Total-Annual-Value Report™, putting a dollar figure to the benefit you’re about to introduce.

3. Synchronise our systems

Your Account Manager, who’ll stay in close contact throughout, begins to establish relationships with:


4. Launch the benefit

A successful launch results in a significant increase in the take-up rate of novated leases, leading to greater engagement, and financial benefit for employees’ families – as well as a reduction in your company’s payroll tax too. Our launch process generally involves the following activities, and can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Emails, posters & brochures
  • On-site information sessions
  • Webinars for remote employees
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Intranet materials

5. Make it all run perfectly

Our ongoing account management systems have been developed to make your life easy, and to ensure that your car salary packaging program is running as effectively as possible. Here are some of the tools that make it the most efficient car salary packaging program in existence:

Online Corporate Portal
Employee Benefit Reports
End of FBT Year
Autopia Deals
Vehicle Terminations

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