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Why choose Autopia?

A benefits program that just works.

Partnering with Autopia for you car salary packaging program

Since 2004 Autopia has been saving individuals thousands, and organisations millions by helping them buy, run, and sell their cars in the most tax-effective way possible. Founded on a love of cars and built on novated leasing, our technology, systems and process were developed specifically to salary package cars – making the entire process easy, and pain free.

Superior financial results

We deliver the best financial result for employer and employee, because we know how novated leasing works better than anyone else. Our unique combination of vehicle, finance and tax expertise is unequalled in the industry, and enables us to deliver the greatest amount of tax savings possible.

We help your employees choose the right car, on the right term, and we’re the only company in the industry doing this. Additionally, the more employees novating their cars, the less tax your organisation pays.

Driven by a return to personal service

Our personalised service continuously delights our customers (your employees) making them feel looked after, cared for and content. As part of an overall rewards strategy, the benefit of salary packaging cars really can help deliver the elusive ‘engagement’ that organisations strive for – if it’s done properly. And the average after-tax savings of $5,203 (in 2019) certainly helps!

Combined with state-of-the-art systems

All of this is supported by the most advanced vehicle management system in existence – AutoDrive. The calculations involved in novated leasing are incredibly complicated and an off-the-shelf system just wouldn’t cut it, so we built our own. This means we can customise to accommodate your requirements, it means that everything works flawlessly, and our clients are constantly experiencing industry firsts.

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