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Why choose Autopia?

Save thousands, save time, get back to business

Partnering with Autopia for your business Chattel Mortgage needs

Since 2004 we’ve been saving individuals thousands, and organisations millions by helping them buy, run, and sell their cars in the most tax-effective way possible. We call it ‘Intelligent Car Ownership’ and it’s based on the following principles.

The greatest amount of tax savings possible

Whether you’re a sole trader, business owner, company director, employee or contractor – we know how to maximise your tax savings better than anyone else – even The Tax Institute use our services. We also get you fleet discounts on purchase price, servicing, tyres & repairs, saving you even more money!

Expert independent advice on everything auto

We’re in this business because we’re passionate about cars, and if buying a car that doesn’t depreciate too quickly is of interest to you, we can help.

We know the good from the bad
We’re not tied into any one supplier
We save you money before you even buy
We’re your new best friend

We do all the work, all you do is drive

From your first phone call, all the way through buying, running and selling your car, we take care of everything. Autopia consultants are like personal assistants who are experts in vehicles, finance and tax, have access to fleet discounts and automotive corporate programs, and happen to be the most efficient operators you’ll ever deal with.

They’ll also roll all your costs into one set monthly payment, and take care of all the calculations and reporting to guarantee maximum tax deductibility in your tax return. You can forget about keeping receipts as we collect them for you, and you can remove insurance from your ‘to-do’ list, forever.

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