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For medical mulitnational

Administration reduced for multinational salary packaging cars

Over a third of this medical technology multinational’s employees were customer facing sales staff that spent most of the working week out on the road. A vehicle is an essential tool for a medical device sales person and the company provided car allowances and company sponsored fuel cards to support the travel needs of these employees. A number of company cars were also leased by the business.

Novated leasing was offered through a well-known global fleet manager, however a mix of other smaller suppliers had gradually appeared, most managing just one lease each. In total, less than ten employees had taken up the benefit of salary packaging their cars.

Most employees had utilised their car allowances to set up personal finance arrangements, such as commercial hire purchases, with a variety of different finance companies. Tax deductions were being claimed through personal tax returns, sometimes in conjunction with tax variation forms that were submitted to payroll.

Primary drivers for change

All of this created a situation where the benefit wasn’t just operating poorly, but it was actually causing the business additional time attempting to administer it all.

Desire for a contemporary, best practice vehicle offering
Poor take-up-rates
Lack of customer service from fleet manager
Corporate social responsibility

The solution

Human Resources decided to go to market in search of a new novated lease supplier, one that they could partner with to drive the benefit more effectively than it had been in the past.

Best practice fit
One-on-one consultancy
Green credentials


High attendance at novated lease benefit launch
Almost a third of this client’s employees attended Autopia’s information sessions re-launching the benefit. One-on-one consultations began immediately after these sessions.

Huge increase in take-up rates
Through the re-launch of the vehicle salary packaging benefit and Autopia’s ongoing communication and management practices, the number of employees adopting novated leasing has increased five-fold. Employees are now realising the full value delivered by this benefit, and they’re taking full advantage of it.

Administration & risk reduced
Company cars have now been phased out, reducing liability and administration for the business.

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