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Looking to increase diversity and
inclusion in your business?

Diversity can boost innovation, employee engagement and business opportunities

Resources for Driving Diversity and Inclusion

At Autopia, we try to do more than just making money, and we regard changing the world as one of our goals. That’s why for some years now, we have been promoting diversity, inclusion and flexibility in the workplace, both within our organisation as well as in our business community.

In this section, you will find a series of whitepapers and case studies; we have developed in partnership with organisations such as UN Women Australia, Juggle Strategies, as well as social advocate Yassmin Abdel-Magied. These resources not only aim to shed light on the lack of diversity and inclusion in Australia but also provide guidance on how to resolve the situation.

Please help yourself to the resources below, and if you have any questions, or would like to talk about putting some of them into action, please let us know.

The Role of Men in Gender Equality

In our latest whitepaper, “The Role of Men in Gender Equality”, we review the gender equality landscape through the lens of the workplace, focusing on the role men have played in the past, and can play in the future, in driving gender equality.

The Role of Men in Gender Equality: Why gender equality is not solely a female domain

We need men, alongside their female colleagues, to step up and play a more proactive role in driving change. This white paper provides you with some useful tools to help further drive and achieve gender equality within your own organisation.


Mental Health in the Workplace

In our latest whitepaper, “Mental Health in the Workplace”, we look at how mental health issues are affecting Australian workplaces and what can be done to create a healthy and happy workforce – and successful business – in the future.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Moving beyond the stigma to promote an engaged workforce

Produced in conjunction with Lucy Brogden & Professor Allan Fels AO, Co-chair of the National Mental Health Commission, we shine a light on the issues and explore insights to enable businesses to move beyond the stigma and promote a truly engaged, happy and healthy workforce.


Re-Think: High-Performance Teamwork

This is the fourth in our ‘Re-think’ White Paper series and explores the parallels between organisational success and the elite sporting arena, and the search for synergies – that elusive ingredient that enables teams to rise to the top.

Re-thinking High Performance Teamwork: Ten lessons businesses can learn from elite sports teams

Produced in conjunction with former Autopia CEO David Wakeley, and based on the interviews with three of the Australian Women’s Sevens Rugby 2016 Olympic Gold-Medal winners, Chloe Dalton, Ellia Green and Emilee Cherry.

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Re-Think: The Cultural Diversity Series

This set of two whitepapers produced in conjunction with social advocate Yassmin Abdel-Magied aims to help organisations to realise the business case for cultural diversity in the workplace and identify the tangible tools the can utilise to take on the diversity challenge.

Re-thinking Diversity: How to drive cultural inclusion in the workplace

The second whitepaper of the Re-Think: The Cultural Diversity series, produced in conjunction with social advocate Yassmin Abdel-Magied, explores different approaches organisations can undertake to not only overcome the diversity challenge but more importantly to build truly inclusive workplaces.

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Diversity Beyond Gender: The business case for cultural diversity in the workplace

The first whitepaper of the series unveils how diverse Australia really is, and shed light on the challenges employees from non-Anglo origins face while navigating the Australian workplace. The whitepaper also discusses both the ‘moral case’ and ‘business case’ for addressing the diversity gap, and share case studies on organisations that are harnessing the power of a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace for better business performance and a better society.

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Re-Think Flexibility Series

This is a series of resources that aims to help organisations to understand, implement and manage workplace flexibility. Please feel free to download as many resources as you wish to.

Re-thinking Workplace Flexibility

Produced in conjunction with Juggle Strategies, a management consultancy specialising in flexibility – this whitepaper lays out the business case for flexible working practices, the common objections and the strategies to overcome them.

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autopia_flexibility-case-studyCase Study
A Flexible Work Story demonstrates how Autopia made flexibility work, and how the business benefited.

This case study is part of Autopia’s Re-Think Flexibility  Series, which also includes video and the “Re-Thinking Workplace Flexibility” whitepaper.


Re-thinking WorkplaceFlexibility: The Business Case for Flexibility.

This infographic lays out the seven key areas that help build the case for flexibility in an organisation, many of which demonstrate a measurable, and direct link to increased profitability

Re-Think: The Gender Diversity Series

This is a series of whitepapers produced in conjunction with UN Women National Committee Australia and aiming to stimulate thought, discussion and debate – and most importantly action around gender diversity in the workplace.

1. Re-thinking Merit: Why the meritocracy is failing Australian businesses

Launched in July 2015, the first in the series delivers proof of the failure of the meritocracy, recommendations of how to address inequity in the workplace, and how to tackle unconscious bias. Also real life examples of businesses that have been taking strides towards equality, and what they’ve been doing to get there.

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2. Re-thinking Return: Why diversity is a business opportunity

The second in the series examines not only the opportunities presented by gender diversity but also the risk associated with maintaining the status quo. Inside you’ll read about business lost because of a lack of diversity, find out how diversity breeds innovation and engagement, and while 50:50 is the ideal balance, discover the ‘critical mass’ required for diversity to start paying dividends.

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3. Re-thinking Culture: How to drive gender diversity in the workplace

The final whitepaper in the ‘Re-Think: The Gender Diversity Series’ examines the change in culture that’s required for organisations to successfully achieve true gender equality. What actions need to be taken, what thought processes need to be examined, and how do you actually go about changing an organisation’s culture, to ensure inclusion accompanies diversity?

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Bringing people together from all over the country to discuss gender diversity has produced some lively debate to say the least. If you’re looking for advice, information or inspiration – it’s all here. And let us know if you’d like to be informed of future events.

Panel Discussion: Driving gender diversity in the workplace

Featuring over 100 Senior HR Executives, and a panel of gender diversity champions, this robust discussion covers a number of topics including: Should we be fearful of quotas? Do they create ‘affirmative action’ issues? Can work allocation help address inequity?

  • Julie McKay – Executive Director, Australian National Committee for UN Women
  • Robert Wood – Director, Centre for Ethical Leadership
  • Dimity Hodge – Australian Practice Leader, Leadership Advisory Services, Spencer Stuart
  • Air Commodore Alan Clements – Commandant, Australian Defence Force Academy


“Very well thought out. A great panel of experts. Practical ways to improve diversity.”
Event Attendee

“Two management diversity academics having an eloquent smack down.” #nerdingout #DrivingGenderDiversity @UNWomenAust

Executive Roundtable: Where is the merit in the gender diversity debate?

Julie McKay, Executive Director UN Women Australia, addresses the audience on the subject of Merit, and how it’s failed us here in Australia, and across the world.  Full of insight, information, and advice, this inspiring video gives you an excellent overview of the state of gender diversity in Australia today.

“Change starts small – being aware of your own biases, and even writing them on a post-it that you take into interviews can help you to start overcoming your biases.  Sharing your stories will help raise awareness and ultimately challenge attitudes, which perpetuate the merit myth.” Julie McKay, Executive Director, UN Women Australia

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