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Salary packaging cars
as an employee benefit?

Increase engagement and support your employee value proposition

Resources for HR Departments

Salary packaging cars as an employee benefit?

If you work in HR, you instinctively know that a carefully crafted employee benefits suite, in conjunction with an overall rewards strategy, can deliver engagement and increase retention, leading to a more productive workforce and a more profitable company. However increased productivity can take a while to filter through to the bottom line.

This can be a problem for HR, and despite a wealth of research demonstrating the direct link between benefits, engagement and profitability, sometime numbers speak louder than words – and that’s where we can help.

1. Quantify the business benefits of novated leasing

When an employee takes out a novated lease their income tax reduces, which reduces the organisation’s ‘Total Australian Wages’ figure. This also happens to be the figure that payroll tax, and workers’ compensation premiums are based on. So as more employees novate their cars, your business becomes more profitable. We can prove it, and quantify it with Total-Annual-Value Report, tailored to your organisation.

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2. Build an effective benefits suite, in a world of limited funds

Do employees really value the benefits we take great pains to deliver? What’s the cost of all these benefits? And what’s the return on investment? This research report provides answers to these questions, and gets to the bottom of ‘Which Employee Benefits Actually Work, and Why?’

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3. Promote the benefit of novated leasing internally

There’s no point in taking the time to build an effective benefits suite if nobody knows about it. Help your employees access the tax savings they’re entitled to, contact your Account Manager for brochures, posters, videos & education seminars.

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