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I’m looking for a better
car salary packaging provider

We’re not surprised…

I’m looking for a better car salary packaging provider

We’re not surprised. There are a lot of novated leasing companies out there who only do enough to get by – nothing more. That’s because they’re not really novated leasing companies. They’re salary packaging companies, or fleet managers, who’ve included novated leasing as an add-on to their core business.

Why Autopia is different from your current provider?


Efficient systems & processes

Our custom built system, AutoDrive, is the most advanced vehicle management system in existence, making everything run perfectly, reducing the time required for administration internally.

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Superior financial results

We deliver the best financial result for employer and employee alike. We help people choose the right car, on the right term, saving them thousands of dollars – and we’re the only company in the industry doing this.

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An engaged workforce

Our personalised service continuously delights our drivers, making them feel looked after, cared for and content. And the average after-tax savings of $5,432 (in 2017) doesn’t do any harm either.

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What an effective car salary packaging program should deliver

The success of a car salary packaging program can be measured first and foremost, by an increasing number of novated leases. Here’s what else you should be looking for:

Financial benefit and increased engagement
Employees novating car after car
No FBT payable at all
Efficient systems & processes across the business
Seamless termination process

Educating your employees

We monitor take-up-rates of the benefit in the organisation we work with, and we can generally increase the levels even if the benefit of salary packaging a car has been in place for years. We do this in a number of ways:

1. By educating your employees and clearly communicating the inherent value of a novated lease.

2. By helping compare novated leasing against other car finance methods, such as cash, personal finance or a home loan re-draw for example.

3. By increasing the number of employees who can actually access the benefit.

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