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I’m looking to partner with Autopia

Since 2004 Autopia has been saving individuals thousands, and organisations millions by helping them buy, run, and sell their cars in the most tax-effective way possible. Whether you’re looking to launch the benefit of salary packaging cars to your employees, or introduce a tax effective car finance option to your clients, we can help.

How accountants benefit

Clients receive expert advice on vehicle finance
Save time processing client's vehicle tax returns
FBT eliminated on client's vehicles
Help reducing corporate clients’ payroll tax
How much money your clients can saveFind out here

How employers benefit

Increase employee engagement
Reduce the organisation’s payroll tax
Compete more effectively for talent
Three reasons you should introduce Autopia to your employeesFind out here

“When our clients ask us about cars we send them to Autopia. They love the simplicity of ‘one payment’ for all their vehicle expenses, and the thousands they save them on the purchase of the car. In addition to that, the ‘one page’ tax reporting of the Go Drive product makes our lives a lot easier.” Sameer Kassam, Partner

“I have had nothing but praise from my clients when they have used Autopia so knowing that they are being looked after is priceless.” Ian Stone, Partner

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