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Benefit management

Our corporate team are here to help, whatever you need, just give us a call.

Benefit Promotion

Looking to promote the benefit of novated leasing within your organisation? Just let your Account Manager know. We can organise education sessions, send you printed brochures & posters, intranet details and videos – even some of our famous Minis if you like! And if you have a benefits day coming up, we can develop a a special offer to really get your employees talking about the benefit.

Payroll, finance & accounts

If you have any questions about the administrative side of the benefit, once again, contact your account manager. If your payroll cycles are being altered, the business entitity is changing, you’re planning a take-over or anything you think might affect the benefit, just pick up the phone.

Vehicle policy development

If you need help developing a flexible, and effective organisational vehicle policy, let us know. We can assess your existing vehicle policy and figure out where it’s working, where it’s falling down, and how it’s likely to perform in the coming years. Then we’ll make a recommendation that suits the needs of the business now, and into the future.

Change management

Looking to eliminate company cars and introduce novated leasing? It’s not always as easy as you might think. Removing the traditional ‘company car’ can often meet with resistance from entrenched employees who have had a company car for years. We can work with you on a change management plan that will help smooth the transition.

The business benefit of novated leasing

Not sure what benefit the organisation is receiving from novated leasing? Ask your account manager to send you the latest Employee Benefit Report. And if you want to forecast the payroll tax, and workers’ compensation premium reductions – we can work it out for you.

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