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Caring for the environment

We take our responsibility more seriously than most.

Caring for the environment

As a company working in the automotive industry, we take our responsibility to the environment more seriously than most. All the energy we use is Green, and where possible we use suppliers who operate under environmentally friendly principles.

In 2005, Autopia partnered with Greenfleet, a non-for-profit organisation focusing on protecting our climate by restoring our forests, and since then our contribution has led to the plantation of 65,715 trees, which will sequester 17,544 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

From 2017 onwards,  Autopia’s carbon offsetting program is managed through Smartgroup -our parent group – in partnership with Greenfleet.

How does our carbon offsetting work?

Greenfleet plant 17 native trees which absorb 4.3 tonnes of CO2 in their lifetime, the same amount of CO2 produced by an average sized car in one year. Simple. Planted on degraded land in rural Australia, these trees create new forests and habitats for a host of native species, and help in the fight against salinity and erosion. Greenfleet has planted more than 8 million trees since its inception in 1997, we’re proud to support them, and we hope you will be too.

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Before & after in Kosciuszko National Park

This is what we helped Greenfleet do at Humes Crossing, in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW.


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