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Caring for
the environment
is everyone’s responsibility

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Driving Gender
Diversity with
UN Women

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Giving back is one
of our core values

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Novated leasing with a conscience.

Gender diversity

Partnership with UN Women

In 2014 we started working with the Australian National Committee for UN Women, to raise awareness and drive gender diversity in the workplace. We’ve hosted intimate lunches, robust panel discussions, we’ve published videos and whitepapers…

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The environment

Planting trees to offset emissions

Working in the Automobile industry, we take our responsibility to the environment more seriously than most. All of our energy is green, and we’ve been planting trees to offset emissions ever since the company began, over ten years ago.

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Donating time, and money, to a range of causes

As an organisation we donate time and money to a range of causes. In addition to that, all Autopia employees have an extra day of leave every year, to work on their charity of choice.

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“Autopia has provided me with a trustworthy and reliable service where I know that my dollar earned has been spent wisely.”

Nicholas H, NSW

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