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Giving back is one of our core values.

Volunteering & donation matching

As an organisation we donate time and money to a range of causes. In addition to that, all Autopia employees receive a “giving back” day every year to work for their charity of choice. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.


When kindness meets fun

Birds of Passage Soup Kitchen

“Birds of Passage is a zero overhead, volunteer-centric service assisting Sydney’s homeless, and more specifically the rough sleepers who are considered the most at-risk and vulnerable people in our community. I thought as a team it would be great to do something different as an activity, and give back to the community.  Our role was to prepare, cook and serve the food out to the homeless.” Ashley

“Monday was great, a real eye opener. Makes you realise how lucky we are, warm/clean clothes, hot showers, a bed and a warm house.” Kirby

“My favourite part was seeing some of the men’s faces light up when we gave them a warm jumper or a new pair of comfy shoes.” Kymberly

Donation matching

The shaved bunch: Ricardo, Joey, Nat and Jeff

Shaving hair to cure brain cancer

Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia. It also kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer. Yet very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how to treat it. And so to raise money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, a host of brave Autopian’s shaved their hair (completely off!) to raise money for the fight against brain cancer. Not much of a difference for some, but Joey had been growing his for 10 years!

Donate now!
Some of the toys we collected for Barnardos in 2015

Eating home cooked goodies for charity

Every other week a varying selection of employees, produce a varying selection of delights for lunch, morning teas, or simply just a whole load of cakes to enjoy whenever you like. A donation is requested as we increase our waistlines, and the charities that have benefited so far are:

Leukaemia Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, The Salvation Army, Camp Quality, The Ronald McDonald House, Barnardos Australia

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