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Is your car storm damaged? Here’s what to do


An update from Vero 2:00pm AEDT, Monday 20 January 2020.


Note: for windscreen only claims, individuals can take their vehicle to O’Briens and obtain a repair at their own expense and claim it back. Please remember to take photos of your vehicle before the repair in order to seek reimbursement subject to Vero’s policy.

  1. If your vehicle has experienced panel damage only and is still driveable, DOWNLOAD the Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form from the Vero website and, when complete, email to or fax to 1300 066 150.
  2. If damage includes windscreens or glass, or your vehicle is undriveable, please call Vero on 1300 619 033, Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:30 AEST/AEDT, to lodge your claim.


The severe storms experienced in and around Canberra on Monday 20 January have certainly made their mark. If they’ve also left a mark on your novated lease vehicle, here’s what you need to know and do about the damage.

  1. Please don’t panic. Insurance companies will be inundated with calls and claims today and there’s plenty of time to lodge your claim.
  2. Panel beaters will also be extremely busy with claims and repairs so allow some time before getting quotes.
  3. Take photos of the damage today. Carefully inspect all panels, including the roof and glass surfaces, for dents and cracks. Take close-ups to capture specific damage, and if possible, location pics to show where the car was located at the time of the damage. If may be helpful to label the photos with the location of the damage, such ‘front passenger side door’. Finally, remember to check the interior.
  4. Note the date, time and location of your vehicle when the damage took place.

How to lodge your claim

  • If your vehicle has panel damage only: click HERE to download the Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Form. Email the completed form to or fax to 1300 066 150.
  • If your vehicle has glass damage or is not driveable: call Vero on 1300 619 033, Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:30 AEST/AEDT, to lodge your claim. Make sure you have your policy number handy, along with your licence details and vehicle registration number.


Looking for your policy number?

Our fleet policy number is MSL014653493


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