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Get $4,252* off a


2019 Mitsubishi ASX LS

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How novated leasing works

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Founded on a love of cars

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The benefits of a novated lease

Save thousands

Save thousands on purchase price

Thanks to our buying power, you’ll get instant access to fleet discounts on purchase price, servicing, tyres and repairs. 


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Reduce tax

Reduce your income tax

As you’re paying for the majority of your car’s running costs out of your pre-tax salary, your taxable income, and your income tax reduces.

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Save GST

Save GST on running costs

Your employer is paying for your car initially, so they claim the GST back, passing the savings on to you.

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One set cost

Financial certainty with one set monthly cost

Finance, insurance, fuel, roadside assistance, servicing tyres and repairs – all wrapped into one-set monthly cost.

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No business use

No business use required

You can get a novated lease even if you never use your car for work, no matter how many kilometres you drive, whatever tax bracket you’re on.

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“The process was personal, professional, informative and extremely simple. I now have a new car which is actually costing me less to buy & run than my previous car which I owned outright.”

James C, VIC

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