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Benefits of a
novated lease

Save thousands every year, and forget about paperwork

Benefits of a novated lease

The average Autopia driver saved $5,203 in 2019 just by salary packaging their car with a novated lease. That’s the benefit that people get most excited about, but there are many more, and having someone take care of all the paperwork for you is just one of them!

Tax benefits of a novated lease

A fully maintained novated lease is quite simply the cheapest, most tax-effective way to own a car.

Reduce income tax

Reduce your income tax with a novated lease

When you salary sacrifice the cost of your car, you pay for a portion of the vehicle’s running costs out of your salary, before tax. This reduces your taxable income, and your income tax!


Don’t pay GST 

You only have to finance the GST exclusive cost of the car (up to the luxury car limit) and don’t forget the purchase price will be greatly reduced thanks to our buying power too.


Reduce running costs

Save GST on vehicle’s running costs

Once again, your GST registered employer claims the GST on a significant proportion of the running costs, passing the savings on to you. This reduces the cost of the finance, fuel, maintenance & tyres.

Tax free suplus

Tax-free surplus when you sell your car

At the end of the lease, if you sell the car for more than the finance owing on the vehicle (which you should do thanks to our vehicle selection guidance) then you get to keep the difference, tax-free!

The flexibility of a novated lease

Any car you like, no need to use it for work, even package two cars if you want!

Any Car

Salary package any car you like

New or used, large or small, you can salary package just about any car you like. You can package a car you already own, even package a car for someone else.

No business use

No business use required for a novated lease

It doesn’t matter if you use your car for work or not. Even if you only use it on the weekends to ferry the kids around, you can get a novated lease – no problem.

Flexible terms

Flexible lease terms

Salary package your car for a year, five years, or anywhere in between. Your consultant will help you determine what delivers the best financial result, given your circumstances.

Kms are irrelevant

Kilometres are irrelevant for a novated lease

It used to be the case that you had to drive a lot of kilometres each year for a novated lease to be tax effective. Now it doesn’t matter at all.

How a novated lease makes your life easier.

We do everything for you, all you have to do is drive.

Forget salesmen

Never talk to a car salesman again

Unless you want to of course, but there’s no need. We deal with the dealers and negotiate on your behalf, even arrange test drives for you if you like. One phone call to us and we’ll lock in discounts you’d never get on your own.

No paperwork

No paperwork to deal with

We take care of all of that for you, organising the finance, insurance, you name it. We collect all the receipts so you don’t have to worry about collecting them, and there’s nothing to do at tax time either!

One set cost

Financial certainty with one set cost for everything

Finance payments, fuel, insurance, servicing, tyres & repairs, all rolled into one set monthly cost. Forecasting and planning of other expenses is now that little bit easier.

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