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How does an Autopia
novated lease work?

Autopia’s novated lease, Driver AutoPackage, is different from every other novated lease in the market.

We ask questions, discuss your options, and then deliver the greatest tax savings legally possible. Our consultants are car lovers whose vehicle, finance and tax expertise is unmatched in the industry and with one phone call, they’re yours. This is how it works.

Buying the car

Get in touch with Autopia, talk to a novated lease specialist, save a fortune.

Choose the ‘right’ car
Maximise your tax savings
Save thousands on purchase price
Car delivered to your door

Running the car

We take care of everything, all you do is drive.

No paperwork, no worries
Protected on the road, and against fraud
Get used to buying power

Selling the car

We’ll help you sell the car, and lock in the profits.

We can buy the car from you
Get a tax-free profit

How can we help?

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