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Why choose Autopia?

Founded on a love of cars, built on novated leasing

Why choose Autopia?

Autopia was founded on a love of cars and built on novated leasing. We know how to achieve greater tax savings than any other novated leasing company, and we’ve been doing it for over ten years. We call it ‘Intelligent Car Ownership’ and it’s based on the following principles:

Greater tax savings than you ever thought possible

We built our business on novated leasing, and we’ve studied harder than everybody else. We spent years, literally, figuring out the best way to increase your tax savings. Through our one-on-one consultancy process (unique in the industry) we’ll assess your circumstances, and devise a strategy that provides you with greater tax savings than you would have thought possible.

What you do with the savings is up to you, pocket the cash or trade up into a better car.

Expert independent advice on everything auto

We’re in this business because we’re passionate about cars, in fact, we’ll talk cars all day long if you like.

We know the good from the bad
We’re not tied into a supplier
We help you choose wisely
We’re your sounding board

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