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The true cost of car ownership

Autopia’s Total-Lifetime-Cost™ system helps you compare different vehicles from a purely financial perspective, allowing you to discover the real cost of a car, before making the purchase.

Getting into a car

The cost of getting into the car

This is what you actually have to pay to buy the car. If you’re using cash for example, it’s the on-road cost including GST.

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Running the car

The cost of running the car

This is what you have to pay every year to keep the car on the road (insurance, rego, petrol, tyres, etc.)

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Getting out of the car

The cost of getting out of the car

What’s the car going to be worth at the end of the lease, and are you going to make money, or lose money when you sell it?

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Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost

We’ll also look at opportunity cost, an aspect of ownership that’s almost always overlooked. What else could you be doing with the money if it wasn’t tied up in a car?

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“I would describe myself as a painful customer with the amount of questions, quote requests and re-works I asked of Geoff, however nothing was too much trouble.”

Andy T, NSW

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